Join Our Influencer Program and Get Sponsored!

Products currently up for sponsorship and reviews (Only available from 4/1/2019 to 5/1/2019):

Let’s do some collaborations and get you sponsored with a $2,498 USD VAXIS STORM 800 Transmission kit if you are selected!



  • Active role in filmmaking industry
  • Have worked with zero latency wireless video transmission kits
  • Active user on Instagram, YouTube and other social media platforms
  • Have ability to provide marketing content (Unbox, Field test, BTS, Testimonials)
  • Willing to provide review/ field test videos and post marketing contents assigned by VAXIS



  • Earn up to 8% sale through commission via affiliate program on B&H, Adorama & Amazon
  • Will be considered priority in future sponsored marketing collaborations
  • Chance to play with the hottest and latest tech in the industry


Program Detail:

Qualified applicants will be selected for sponsored gear, currently participating product will be announced on top of this page. In return, the selected influencers will then provide in-depth product videos along with social media posts featuring assigned products. Affiliate links will be used for audience to purchase these products and the influencer will be able to earn up to 8% commission for product sale through (commission detail depends on the marketplace rules).


Those who applied but not selected, may still be eligible to get press loaner for 1 week to create product videos and marketing content such as but not limited to Unbox, Field test, BTS, Testimonials. Affiliate program to earn commission is also eligible.

Influencer Application Form

* Provide up to 3 past experiences collaborating with other products and include link to see your work.
*Please provide us with your social media handle as well as follower numbers. (ie: Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter)