POWERANGE Skypower 48V Battery Backplate for ARRI Skypanels


SKYPOWER Battery Plate Features
• 48V step-up transformer
• Outputting 48V constant voltage throughout shoot
• 60mins+ full output on S60C/S120C. 120mins+ on S30C
• 2x 26V (265Wh each) batteries in parallel (530Wh total)
• Fits on ARRI Skypanel Accessory Quick Release
• Available in both V/ Gold mount plates

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Skypanel trend has caught on and become and mainstream of motion pictures set lighting. But providing
power has always been a challenge because of its monster draw of power. You can either choose to provide
full power and keep it plugged in to power source and tethered, or compromise with the 50% low mode
with ARRI’s solution that also takes 2 batteries.

POWERANGE in conjunction with Hypermedia, a California based pro-video distributor designed a solution
that provides answers to the most commonly asked question “Why is my fixture restricted at 50% when
powered by batteries? ”

The unique on-board battery-operated back plate for Skypanel named the SKYPOWER Series provides a
portable power source for S30/S60/S120-C at full output. (*ARRI’s plates can only do 50%). It manages to
remain an extremely portable formfactor that mounts directly on the fixture’s original accessory mount
and balanced perfectly well. It will be your best power package for tight spaces or location shoots where
running cable is not your best option.

The SKYPOWER battery plate system takes 2x 26V (265Wh each) batteries in parallel, with 48V step-up
transformer (530Wh total). Outputting 48V constant voltage throughout the shoot without any dim. QR
wedge goes on the back of Skypanel quick release. Runtime is field tested up to 60mins+ non-stop at full
output on S60C/S120-C, and 120mins+ on S30-C

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Choose Your Plate

Gold Mount Plate, V Mount Plate, Don\\\\'t Need Plate

Choose Your Batteries

4 Batteries, 2 Batteries, Don\\\'t Need Batteries

Choose Your Chargers

Quad 26V Charger, 2x Single Charger, Don\'t Need Charger


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