Key Feature
⚫ True line-of-sight range 800ft
⚫ Pass through time code, flags and metadata
⚫ Gold mount/ V mount options
⚫ Recessed SDI port for durability
⚫ Compact & lightweight

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STORM 800 is an upgraded entry level model that is best for filmmakers that just started out their career and since all STORM series models are compatible, it also serves perfectly as a shorter range and smaller Rx option.

Range/ Transmission
With cutting edge technology built-in antennas, true line-of-sight range is boosted to 800ft stable and will pass through flags, timecode and metadata, this little device has the spec ready for all filmmakers from film school students, youtubers to professional DPs working on demanding jobs.

Durable Exterior Design
The STORM 800 is more than a rehoused STORM 500+, it guarantees more range, higher stability and extreme durability. The STORM 800 has recessed SDI ports that prevents the most common damage, broken SDI port from dropping. Buttons and I/O ports are now on the same side making the unit a lot more accessible and provides better flexibility when rigging.

OLED Info Readout
With the high bright OLED display, users will have access all information that are crucial to making a shoot possible. From battery voltage, video formats, channel and transmission strength.


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